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Are Enterprises Ready For Blockchain?


Are Enterprises Ready For Blockchain?

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2018 might as well be the year of Blockchain, given its rising popularity as one of today’s most disruptive emerging technologies for enterprises. Being one of the most discussed technologies in Chicago, it is fundamentally transforming how business is done with its ability to make B2B transactions more secure, transparent, and efficient.

But to understand all of this in the most active way, Parkar planned to bring in prolific leaders in the community together at General Assembly on 27 September with an attempt to find enterprise readiness on Blockchain. The event was a part of its #ParkarPaysItForward educational meetup series.

As a part of the panel, Melvin Petties, Director, Product Management​ at Sweet bridge, Nineveh Zoudo, Co-Founder at Blockhive, Karrie Sullivan, Principal and Chief Transformation Officer at Culminate Strategy and moderator Lauren Ramsey, CMO at Parkar Digital discussed the Blockchain revolution and explored use cases in the Banking sector and Healthcare today.

According to Karrie Sullivan Blockchain will help replacing the role of trust that is been currently held by intermediates like systems or companies. She further mentioned “Combining Blockchain with Artificial Intelligence will help business happen faster and more efficiently so and ultimately will reduce administrative work “. Nineveh helps us understand that Blockchain is just another database in this world of database and when we think of data security, Melvin presented the idea of how one doesn’t want to put sensitive data on Blockchain but track the changes to a data using Blockchain.

With a discussion that went on for 90 mins, it was a complete triumph for each one present leaving the attendees with a thought that “Is Blockchain with a purpose to help democratization of resources and work, so that we individuals are free to do more interesting work?”








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