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Blockchain for Enterprises: Exploring Use Cases


Blockchain for Enterprises: Exploring Use Cases

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On May 30, General Assembly and Parkar Digital brought together a panel of experts in the blockchain space from three different perspectives: a blockchain community leader, a blockchain developer and enthusiast, and a publisher of crucial and breaking blockchain news. They’ve each played an active role in helping to make Chicago the blockchain capital of the world.

Some of the key takeaways of the event highlighted how different industries are using blockchain today, with interesting use cases revolutionalizing the potential of Blockchain. The discussion also brought forth some key steps for adoption, as well as pitfalls often faced by adopters of Blockchain. The event concluded with futuristic ideas of how Blockchain has the potential to be the next big technological step.

Moderated by Lauren Ramsey, CMO, Parkar; our panelists included Alexandra Prodromos, Executive Director, Chicago Blockchain Center, Robert K. Elder, President, Blockchain News & Darrin Tracy, Senior Automated Trade Desk Operator, Cognitive Capital.






We see Blockchain as the next big technological step…which it absolutely is! Just like when the internet came out, it revolutionalized peoples’ businesses, or it put them out of it – Robert K. Elder, President, Blockchain News



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