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Disrupting healthcare with Serverless and Machine Learning to improve value based care


Healthcare organizations have pivoted to value-based care and this means they would need new data sources and insights.

Also, to remain competitive and have lower operating costs, these healthcare organizations would need to adopt the latest technologies around AI, ML and serverless.

Business Problem

The future of health care delivery may look quite different than the hospital of today. With the rapid evolving technologies, our client wanted to adopt a truly digital strategy to provide acute inpatient services for all their patients. They wanted to embrace AI technologies to enable on-demand interaction and seamless processes to improve patient experience.


Our domain experts combined with tech leaders proposed a redefined Healthcare services to streamline complex procedures and business processes. Some highlights are:

  • Using AI for centralized digital centers to enable decision making, continuous clinical monitoring, targeted treatments (such as 3D printing for surgeries), and the use of smaller, portable devices will help characterize acute-care hospitals
  • Robotic process automation (RPA) and AI to enable caregivers to spend more time providing care and less time documenting it
  • Digital driven supply chain processes with automation and next-generation interoperability to drive operations management and back-office efficiencies

Business Benefits

With the adoption of digital platforms and data driven approach, we delivered many business benefits such as:

  • Hospital acute based care using telehealth platform for assessment, appointment booking and to support early discharges
  • Offering 24/7 patient care monitoring by leveraging a centralized clinical system to augment in-hospital medical expertise and detecting patients in their early phase
  • Discovering and delivering targeted and precision medicines based
  • on real world evidence of impact Integration with data lake for centralized data management
  • Connected Strategy for integration with smart wearables
  • Entirely compliable with Industry Standards
  • Health Analytics through AI and Machine Learning
  • Better Insights to improve Patient Experience
  • Streamlined Business Operations

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