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WORK CULTURE | September 22, 2017

An ambience of fun in Parkar's work culture.

Work culture defines the personality and environment of an organization. It is an invisible, yet powerful force that directly influences the behavior of employees…

NEWS | August, 2017

Membership with 1871 - Chicago's #1 tech accelerator.

A vast community of startups, corporations, and community partners who learn from each other and innovate together…

EVENTS | August, 2017

Blockchain MeetUp 101

Parkar is thrilled to announce its first of its kind meet-up with Identity Verifications & Attendance Certificates issued on a BlockChain platform in collaboration with xScion Solutions!

WORK CULTURE | August, 2017

Our employees engaging with the children at SASA.

Parkar as an entity takes the responsibility to play a role in social causes for the benefit of society at large. We believe in the joy of giving and are obliged to perform our duties to maintain a balance between the economy and welfare of the society and environment.

NEWS | June 1, 2017

2017 marks another year of success for Parkar, with 8 finalists in the top 200 in TechGig Code Gladiators Grand Finale!

2017 marks another year of success for Parkar’s journey with Tech Gig Code Gladiators, India’s national hackathon.

NEWS | May 15, 2017

Prosentjit Das joins Parkar Digital to lead Talent Acquisition.

With dedicated years of experience leading staffing and recruitment in various IT Product & Global Delivery Organizations, Prosenjit Das joins Parkar Digital to lead Global Talent Acquisition.

EVENTS | Apr 27, 2017

Clairvoyant Hosts 2017 Pune Data Conference - Big Data Trends & Technologies.

The first edition of the Pune Data Conference held on April 15th 2017 hosted more than 300 Big Data delegates from 30 companies across India.

NEWS | June 24, 2016

21 Most Beautiful Walls Seen In Offices Around India.

There was a time when office requirements meant a seat, a desk, a photocopy machine and a telephone. Those days are long past. Offices of today need to look good, be comfortable and inspire a happy vibe.

NEWS | June 14, 2016

The Parkar Digital Office In Pune Is A Progressive And Fun Workplace.

Founded in 2015 by Ravi Patel and Gaurav Singh who left Sears Holdings to create a boutique consulting firm, the Parkar Digital Group is redefining work culture through its progressive policies and its fun office located in Pune.

NEWS | June 10, 2016

Consulting firm brings West Coast practices to India.

City-based Parkar Digital has brought in Bay-area practices to India through its focus on ‘flatland’ implementations.

NEWS | June 6, 2016

Kudos to our Co-founders for making it to Tech Gig Code Gladiators Finale!

2016 marks another year of success for PCG’s Techies at India’s National Hackathon.