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Future of Tech at Mid America Club

Future of Tech at Mid America Club

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On February 21, Parkar hosted an event to discuss the “Future of Tech” featuring Nick H. Kamboj, CEO of Aston & James at at the Mid-America Club, which has the most gorgeous downtown view in Chicago, Illinois from the 80th floor. Nick brought in a wealth of knowledge to the discussion as he has over a decade of experience teaching at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, performing clinical research at Harvard University, and serving as an advisor for over 400 of the world’s most prestigious and accomplished corporate and government leaders. 

This one-hour discussion was for non-technologists and technologists alike to learn how to identify the most innovative technology trends today and discover those most likely to emerge tomorrow, how to assess hot and emerging technology trends effectively and easily, how to build the skills you need to question and challenge experts on the value of emerging technologies, and how to develop the tools you need to make effective technical purchasing decisions for your home or enterprise.

Additionally, all attendees received a copy of Nick’s book, “CIO Elite: Technology Strategy Terms Quick Reference” and one lucky guest won an exclusive Amazon Echo Dot being a part of a small contest during the evening.

The IT Connect experienced over 75 attendees and was another successful event for Parkar and a perfect start to 2019.

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