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Increasing Time-To-Market

Increasing Time-To-Market

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Increasing time to market has become the standard requirement for the organizations across all verticals and segments. With Agile and DevOps taking the center stage for the software development process, it is becoming very important to assure superior quality to the applications.

Next-gen test automation can provide the necessary catalyst for the enterprises looking to achieve their goals in the areas of CI, CD and CT.

Quality is the most important factor when it comes to mapping the success of the software application as it is directly related to the customer experience. Continuous delivery and agile implementation strategy for your software application need to have software testing as the core element to ensure that your goal is met.


So how do you accomplish this?

Agile and DevOps has made it simple to a certain extent by bringing developers, testers, operations team, product owners and the business on the same discussion table. As the features get selected by the product managers, the quality and risk of those features are also being deliberated and developers and testers can decide on the apt unit testing and test automation framework needed to have that perfect deliverable.

It becomes really difficult for the organizations to go the manual testing way if they want to achieve their goal of Quick time to market. Creating, executing and maintaining manual tests can be a real task especially at scale.

Also with consistent pressure for the business to deliver the features quick, it can be a really tough situation for the manual testers and the end result cannot guarantee the result which is desired. This puts test automation as the central element of your Continuous delivery approach towards quicker time to market.

With plethora of testing technologies available in the market, it is important that your test automation framework adapts to the needs of the software development requirement. It needs to be dynamic and flexible at the same time to deliver the ultimate result.

The right test automation framework binds all the elements together and makes sure that the different CI, CD and testing tools are integrated to handle the large volume of data, test results as the application grows.

It should also give deep insights into what is going wrong, why it went wrong and how to fix it without spending substantial amount of time.

The right test automation framework encompasses various factors like scope of test automation, scalability of the approach, limit of reusability, and more importantly the metrics to measure the success of your test automation.

At the same time, it needs to be extensive enough to encompass the code analysis, unit, functional, performance, regression and stability tests, usability analyses for the all the features of the software application or app.

Going forward, Agile & DevOps are going to be de facto standard for the software development process. With this, the next-generation test automation framework and IP led accelerators will drive the testing transformations across industries. At PCG, we have a continuous test delivery platform and right test accelerators to ensure you meet your goal. Contact us if you are looking to Accelerate Time to Market for your next-gen application or mobile app.

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