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Cloud Platform Partner

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Microsoft technology empowers innovation – and with Parkar, you can
accelerate your transformation journey and boost the results it delivers.

Globally, 90% of Fortune 500 companies are using Microsoft Azure to drive their business.
Microsoft Cloud technologies enable us to maximize the efficiency of our solutions by leveraging deeply integrated Azure cloud services and productivity tools.

5 Reasons to work with a Microsoft Partner like Parkar would help you:

  • Professional and Certified Experts: Parkar has Microsoft-recognized, certified, and accredited IT experts who deliver innovative and proven solutions built on Microsoft technologies to support your business and realize your full business potentials.
  • Innovative Solutions: Parkar has built inhouse solutions and playbooks that leverage the Microsoft Azure platform extensively and accelerate our client’s journey in adopting these strategic business projects.
  •  Deep Domain Expertise: Parkar has deep domain expertise in the Healthcare provider vertical and has been advising our clients on their Strategy based Business projects like Digital Hospitals, Patient 360, Personalization, Recommendation Engines, and Legacy Modernization using Microsoft technology.
  • Security: Best-in-class security, scalability, management, and performance of enterprise software and online services.
  • Data and AI: Parkar Data Management platforms, integrated with Microsoft’s data platform, machine learning, and AI technologies—including those in Azure—provide the insights you need to make the right decisions for your organization and your

Featured Partner Use Cases

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With our partnership with ScienceLogic, we transform how we serve
customers with operational visibility and control for on-prem, cloud, and hybrid IT environments.

With over 1,500 published monitoring applications and integrations, clients can tie multiple technologies, vendors, clouds, and solutions together to close the loop on processes that span different teams, increasing SLA compliance from 59% to 94%.

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Our partnership with Red Hat gives us access to both the technology and support you need to compete and succeed with your customers while delivering reliable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions. We have the following competencies:

• Deploy your products on a stable platform with enterprise support and a long lifecycle
• Access Tools, resources, and services that support your business to simplify cloud infrastructure operation and management
• Early access to information on security issues and patches
• Provide trusted and certified cloud services and solutions
• Leverage Red Hat’s award-winning technical support
• Access to the latest enterprise open source technologies and innovations

Become a Parkar Partner

If you would like to learn more about Parkar Digital Partner Program, or to become a Parkar Digital Partner, please contact info@parkar.consulting