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Avoid Service Failures and Customer Complaints with Proactive Monitoring

avoid service failures

Avoid Service Failures and Customer Complaints with Proactive Monitoring

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Nothing kills business productivity like an IT system malfunction, but it’s surprising how many company leaders neglect to monitor their systems until something happens. The price of proactively monitoring company systems is typically a lot less than the cost of reprocessing data or rolling back production in the event of a malfunction. If you and your IT department members could use some help understanding proactive monitoring and its importance for predicting service failures, here’s what you should know.

Predicting service failures

Proactive monitoring helps Parkar Digital clients continually understand how well their services are performing. This allows them to identify potential points of concern rather than investigating why systems malfunctioned after the fact. Proactive monitoring tracks system health 24/7.

In a traditional IT environment, those who manage monitoring may not have visibility beyond infrastructure. Unfortunately, that limited scope is not enough. You need to monitor:

  • Infrastructure — This is the most basic type of monitoring and includes components such as servers, load balancers, and storage devices.
  • Platforms — The platforms on which applications are built also require monitoring as do the third-party tools associated with them. These include databases and data repositories, big data platforms, search engines, as well as business intelligence (BI) and reporting tools, among others.
  • Applications — Application-level monitoring can uncover bugs and incompatibilities in test environments, but IT staff members also need to monitor continuously after deploying applications. Building application programming interfaces (APIs) into application codes during development can make application-level monitoring easier.
  • Business — Business-level monitoring includes checking whether the software in place meets company leaders’ established goals.
  • End users — Monitoring how end users experience application performance is the final level of monitoring, but it’s not possible to analyze in the same environment where applications are running. IT professionals can use software as a service (SaaS) tools to monitor and send alerts when applications fail or perform poorly.

Full proactive monitoring allows Parkar clients to take an offensive stance rather than react to issues already causing problems.

Service Monitoring Case Study

Take a closer look at proactive monitoring from a customer viewpoint: Learn how the professionals at Parkar Digital helped a client predict service failures and enrich the customer experience through a public/hybrid cloud-based approach. Read the case study.

Healthy systems equal happy customers

Customers rely heavily on their experiences with your company services in developing their overall opinions of your business. If a system failure or performance issue were to cloud that experience, it could hurt your company’s reputation.

To preserve a good customer experience and positive business reputation, you need to be able to predict and remedy system failures or poor performance issues before customers notice. Customers rely on and expect your systems to be available and perform well. Underperforming systems are not only costly to fix but can impact business in addition to your end users’ opinions. A reliable proactive monitoring solution from Parkar that detects problems early and alerts you accordingly can reduce the chances that service failures will impact your customers.

Peak performance

Proactive monitoring helps ensure peak performance for IT systems. The tools experts at Parkar use to monitor their clients’ system health — including computers, networks, applications, datacenters, and security — can also benchmark performance and proactively predict when they should schedule upgrades. They can use monitoring to check server event logs, backup status, and antivirus updates. Parkar professionals can also detect client security vulnerabilities before breaches occur by proactively monitoring company systems. This gives them the opportunity to thwart breaches that could potentially compromise company computers and networks before customers even have the chance to notice.

Overall, proactive monitoring can provide greater system reliability, help avoid downtime, increase productivity, reduce security vulnerabilities, and, ultimately, reduce IT support expenses. Don’t wait until disaster strikes to commit to a proactive solution.

The experts at Parkar Digital can help you set up an integrated system that fits your needs now with the potential to scale as your company grows. For more information, contact the Parkar professionals today.
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