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Shorten Your Product Life Cycles with DevOps

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Shorten Your Product Life Cycles with DevOps

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Technology has benefited society in many ways; however, it has also created an expectation of instant gratification. This presents challenges for business leaders to develop products that meet customer demands — before the competition does. Being first to market as well as being able to ramp-up production quickly to meet demand can mean the difference between product success or failure — or even company success or failure. But traditional linear product development methodology, in which developers wait until the end of the product development process to test and make changes, is quickly giving way to the more agile DevOps approach. This development process integrates testing and improvements into every step, which can accelerate time to market and reduce development costs. If you have not yet moved your company from a traditional software development approach to DevOps, you’re likely losing out on some tremendous benefits.

The DevOps advantage

As today’s savvy IT professionals know, operating under a DevOps model can significantly accelerate product life cycles. What they may not truly understand, however, is why acceleration is important. By the time a new software project approaches completion and release in today’s rapidly advancing technological climate, that “new” software may have already become antiquated. Or perhaps users’ needs will have changed. That can require scrapping or drastically altering entire projects, creating significant delays in time to market, wasted resources, and low-quality finished products.

On the other hand, when developers work closely with operations team members to continually test and monitor, they can correct software mistakes and improve upon defects well before project completion. With the DevOps model, customers can offer insights and request changes at any time during development. It’s a collaborative approach that fosters increased customer satisfaction and reduced frustration among development and operations teams. DevOps also promotes healthier inclusion among team members, improves business agility, and produces better results through continuous testing as well as continuous release and deployment cycles.

Implementing DevOps

Implementing DevOps for your software development operations can provide great benefits, but it is not an easy task. One of the major obstacles most company leaders face is building an effective test environment. It’s also one of the most important keys to success. DevOps personnel require a framework in which they can simulate and test applications in real-world scenarios. The experts at Parkar Digital understand that need. They have developed a test automation platform to help company decision-makers trial diverse applications to optimize and bring them to market quickly while keeping costs low. The result was the TEAL Test Automation Solution, an extensive plug-and-play solution that automates manual testing processes.

What Is TEAL?

TEAL is a DevOps test automation suite backed by Parkar Digitals’ years of experience. An open-source plug-and-play tool, TEAL allows developers to complete projects in weeks, rather than months or years, significantly accelerating time to market. And, since developers can integrate TEAL into their current ecosystems for use with their existing continuous integration (CI) tools, return on investment can be impressive.

One Parkar client, a leading DNS provider for many Fortune 500 companies, is responsible for answering more than 25 billion queries per day. Their problem was, because they’d built their infrastructure over time, they relied upon many interdependent modules and disparate technologies. This meant that adding any new features or improvements required lengthy testing. Using TEAL, Parkar experts were able to take the DNS client’s DevOps strategy to the next level, adding automation at every stage of the development cycle, reducing feedback loops, adding back-end scripts for testing some of their services, and integrating automation with their continuous integration pipeline.

In addition to accelerating product life cycles and decreasing time to market by 400% while effectively increasing product return on investment, TEAL helped this Parkar client:

  • Reduce costs greater than 80% by using automation testing, DevOps, and a global delivery model.
  • Improve quality and increase defect detection.
  • Decrease the number of customer tickets.
  • Reduce application downtime.
  • Replace 15 manual product testers with four automation engineers.

As the DNS provider case shows, TEAL can be a tremendous tool for adding to or improving DevOps processes. It easily integrates into nearly any existing development environment. Parkar experts can customize TEAL to meet any company’s needs, allowing for a faster, more agile software development process. By accelerating product life cycles, developers can detect flaws quickly and address them earlier in the process, resulting in higher-quality products. Decreasing costs and increasing speed to market can keep savvy IT executives ahead of the competition and help them make positive contributions to their companies’ bottom lines.

At Parkar Digital, we’ve reduced time to market for several clients and successfully completed six DevOps projects. Connect with the DevOps experts at Parkar Digital to learn more today!
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