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Transform your Application in 30 days with 360-degree scaling to Avoid Crashes

Transform your Application in 30 days with 360-degree scaling to Avoid Crashes

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How many questions do you face when you plan to scale your business by upgrading your applications? How can you decrease technical debt? Which are the best technologies you can adopt? Is there any assurance that you’ll survive the pace with the industry changes? What apps do you rebuild new in the cloud? What will be the cost? And most importantly, how can you do it all faster?

Working with Parkar Consultant, you’ll have an expert partner to guide you in the apps transformation journey.

A Parkar Approach-Parker NexGen Cloud Platform

Parkar works with you throughout the whole application transformation journey. The transformation journey starts with modernizing the existing infrastructure, development & deployment of the applications on the cloud, and ends with running the cloud platforms conforming to the all on-time demands & loads. We develop an ROI-based strategy to align with business goals and deliver a fast win. Moreover, we guide you with a 360-degree business scaling using avant-garde processes like hybrid cloud migration, containerization & microservices, and AI-driven automation.

Our app transformation approach includes:

Modernizing the Legacy Platform

The modernization starts after assessing your legacy and monolith app architecture. We create a strategy to divide your application into smaller parts by containerizing them. Each part is one container and we orchestrate them with Red Hat OpenShift. It allows your development team to manage the works of individual containers with an automated process. Further, it allows your developers to create new containers as per future demands with few clicks. In short, we transform your monolith architecture into a microservice architecture by simplifying all functions with greater scalability.

Due to this app transformation:

  • You don’t need to deploy the whole application for minor changes. Microservices enables you to deploy any change in any container independently without affecting the whole application.
  • Microservices deployment reduces your application release time from months to days. Containerization of your application helps with simple & faster deployment.
  • Container orchestration automates the scheduling or managing work process for individual containers within multiple clusters.

Cloud Migration

When you move to the cloud from your conventional on-premise server, you significantly reduce the time of application development. In general, the cloud infrastructure is highly reliable, scalable, and available on demand. There is no one-size-fits cloud migration strategy for business in general. Depending on the ‘type’ of your business we plan the strategy without affecting your current business environment with a feasible change management approach.

The common cloud migration strategy includes moving your data from the on-premise or local data center to a public cloud.

When you move your application to the cloud:

  • Your application runs seamlessly during high traffic.
  • A cloud server reduces your operational cost.
  • You can deploy applications faster with enhanced security features.

Hybrid cloud

It is a cloud infrastructure mixed with private and public clouds. The hybrid cloud comprises some amount of orchestration, management, and workload portability across two or more environments. These environments include:

  • Minimum one private cloud and one public cloud
  • Two or more private clouds and two or more public clouds.

In short, the hybrid cloud is a combination of computing, storage, and services atmosphere made-up of public & private clouds. Some of the benefits of hybrid cloud are:

  • Hybrid cloud saves costs by making an easy switch from one to another cloud.
  • It paces up your digital transformation journey.
  • It gives you the agility to change and adapt fast in the digital business.
  • Hybrid cloud is a major component of business continuity as it offers data insurance for all disasters with minimum downtime & cost.
  • Hybrid clouds speed up the Time to Market (TTM) by automated deployment.

Why Parkar NexGen Cloud Platform for your application transformation?

Proven Approach with Unique Attributes!

Parkar NexGen Cloud Platform is an unparalleled cloud platform empowered with cutting-edge technologies like Microsoft Azure, AWS, Redhat OpenShift, Redhat Ansible, agile, DevOps, AI-powered automation, etc. Collaborating with these technologies, we transform your applications in less than 30 days with 360-degree scaling.

Why Parkar NexGen Cloud Platform application transformation:

  • Containerization scales your apps by faster deployment and decreasing releasing time from months to days.
  • Hybrid cloud saves costs by making future migration cost-effective with tremendous scalability.
  • DevOps automats testing, releasing, deployment, and monitoring and significantly reduces the Time to Market.
  • Saved cost & time by automating the app development lifecycle and repetitive processes.
  • NexGen platform is a Polyglot platform that can grow with ever-changing technology.

Parkar NexGen Cloud Platform and Healthcare Industry

In this pandemic time of COVID-19, telehealth is playing an immense role in providing the best-in-class treatment in remote areas. However, some healthcare apps are not able to cope up with this pandemic time. The IT infrastructure is struggling to handle increasing traffic as during lockdown and isolation, people are searching for safety tips, health support, and remedies online. Some healthcare providers are struggling even to release AI-enabled chatbot to help people.

Legacy application and fast app releasing are major issues facing by the IT team of these healthcare institutions now.

Download this case study to know how Parkar NexGen Cloud Platform used Redhat OpenShift to modernize the legacy system in a healthcare institution.

Parkar is closely working with the healthcare industry to revamp the legacy system and reengineer the applications. The NexGen Cloud Platform empowers the healthcare institutions to release applications in days whereas it took them months to release the same, earlier. Moreover, this platform is empowered with cloud, containerization, automation, and AI to scale your applications both vertically and horizontally to avoid any crash.

Download this case study to know how the Parkar Data Management Platform used Microsoft Azure to integrate data in a healthcare institution.

If you want to transform your application call us today or request a demo. Let’s begin the conversation on new opportunities for 2020.

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At Parkar, we revolutionize how great software is built. Our vision is to be a catalyst for customer success by harnessing the unlimited passion of our people and innovation.

Our expertise in Cloud and Data technologies has enabled over 50+ corporations to deliver better customer experiences and lower their business costs.

Powered by our NexGen Cloud Platform, customers unlock the power of technology to accelerate solutions in Application Engineering and AIOps.

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